1000-HP Sixteen Concept by Cadillac heads to Amelia Island Concours

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2003-cadillac-sixteen-conceptThe Sixteen sedan unveiled back in 2003 is one of the most popular vehicle concepts of Cadillac. It will again take center stage at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance that will feature some of the best from the American car manufacturer.

In case you are not familiar with the Cadillac concept, Sixteen actually got its name from the V-16 under its hood. This unique powerplant has a displacement of 13.6 liters and has an output of 1,000 horses and a torque of 1,000 lb-ft. That sounds like a Bugatti Veyron rival, right?

The 16 cylinders of the engine will all just fire when the it is on full throttle. This concept car actually previewed the cylinder deactivation technologies of General Motors. During normal driving, the car only uses 12 of the cylinders.

During its time of unveiling, we heard that the Sixteen almost got a nod to go on production. Although it did not hit the pipeline, the vehicle influenced the brand’s product planning and the flavors of its offerings. And if you noticed, even the latest models of Cadillac shows a bit of a resemblance to the Sixteen.

The Sixteen was the ultimate design expression of the brand during its release and an attempt to reinstate the brand as a leader in terms of car technology and design.

The Sixteen will not be produced but something similar to it may become Cadillac’s flagship sedan. There are rumors that the big bosses have given the go for the development of a sedan that will rival the likes of the S-Class of Mercedes-Benz and the 7-Series of BMW.

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Acura releases teaser for 2014 MDX Prototype before auto show in Detroit

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2014-Acura-MDX-prototype-front-motion-view-623x389The rendering you see on this post is the official teaser of the 2014 MDX Prototype by Acura that will be revealed during the press conferences that will lead to the 2013 North American Auto Show held annually in Detroit every January.

Like any other teaser, the car manufacturer revealed very little about the details of the concept but the luxury arm of the Japanese brand Honda shared that it will be utilizing Aero Sculpture that will give the 2014 MDX Prototype that will have smooth surfaces and alluring proportions. It will be about form and function, and body lines that will form an overall efficient structure.

If we will base it to how Honda and Acura thinly disguises their prototypes from the actual production version, then the Acura MDX Prototype should give us a clear picture of what to expect when the production version goes to showrooms before the end of 2013.

Earlier spy photos though reveal that the test units of the MDX show a higher roofline than what we can see on the rendering. The latter might be misleading but of course it is always a wait and see game when it comes to vehicle launches.

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New Mazda CX-9 makes world debut in Sydney

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Mazda recently unveiled the redesigned CX-9 during the recent international auto show in Sydney. The Japanese carmaker first released this seven-seater crossover back in 2007 with its first refresh back in 2009.

The second facelift f the Mazda CX-9 gives it a look that alligns its styling with other products like the CX-5 an the 6. The midsize crossover now follows the Soul of Motion theme from front to rear. The designers also made some changes to the interior and also added some safety features.

The 2013 CX-9 seems to have a more serious front fascia featuring a 5-point grille, revamped headlights, and a new design of the bumper. It actually looks modern and sharper than its older brother. Some models will also get daytime running lights while the range will get halo ring guides around the headlamp.

The rear end gets combination lamps, redesigned bumper, and new exhaust styling. The vehicle also gets 20-inch aluminum rims and new choices for paint finishes.

Inside, the CX-9 buyers will be treated to an overhauled color scheme, seats, door panels, panel gauges, and shift knob. Mazda also equips the CX-9 with a new infotainment system capable of speech recognition.

The car manufacturer also added i-ACTIVESENSE features to enhance the safety of the vehicle. This includes lane departure alerts, obstruction warnings, and control for the high beam.

For the Australian market, Mazda did not implement changes to the 3.7L V-6 engine which can produce 273 horses and a torque of 367 Nm.

The version for North America should make its debut during the auto show in Los Angeles this November or in Detroit by January next year.

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Volvo plans a hotter version of the V40, new T5 and Polestar tweaked AWD V40

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Volvo is aiming to win the approval of performance-conscious consumers as it plans more potent versions of its V40 hatchback.

The Swedish car manufacturer, once loved for the T5 R variants of the V70 and 850, will be rolling out a V40 T5 that can give out 254 horsepower before the end of the year. The new T5 will have similar underpinnings to the front-wheel drive Focus ST.

Volvo is also expected to release an all-wheel drive V40 T5 that will go in tandem with its front-drive sibling. The AWD variant will be the basis for an even more potent V40 that will be tweaked by Polestar, the tuning division of Volvo.

The UK arm of Volvo confirmed that the Polestar version of the V30 will have at least an output of 280 horses. Depending on what the team feels like accomplishing, this figure can easily jump to around 300hp. This version of the V40 is expected to go on a collision course with the Audi S3 and the BMW M135i.

Volvo has not disclosed the pricing details and the date of the release but it should not be far from 30,000 quids when it goes on sale come 2013.

The official details of the new V40s will be released during the Paris motor show this September.

If the V40 Polestar will have a tag price of £30,000, it will be significantly cheaper than its S60 Polestar sibling. The latter will go on a limited production and will not just be a one-off version. The S60 Polestar gives out 508 horses while its tag price is expected to go as high as £100,000.

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Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Special Edition looks so posh

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range-rover-evoque-poshLike what the reports said before, Victoria Beckham signed as a celebrity creative designer for Range Rover and was also set to get her special edition Evoque. A few days back, Range Rover, issued a press release about the luxury SUV and then unwrapped the vehicle for the world to see. And it is not bad at all.

The Victoria Beckham special edition Range Rover Evoque is a collaboration between the former Spice Girls member and the carmaker’s design team spearheaded by Gerry McGovern.

The special edition Evoque is a 4-seat coupe which features a matte paint that is hand finished. The matte is contrasted by gloss black Santorini detailing and the gloss black finish of the 20-inch forged alloy rims with accents of rose-gold. In front, the grille is also highlighted with rose gold and badging.

Inside the vehicle, it the ride evokes British luxury reflective of the Victoria Beckham and Land Rover brands. Only the finest materials have been used plus the craftsmanship is impeccable.

The soft semi-aniline leather gives the interior a vintage feel. The details inside the vehicle is a good contrast to the exterior. The central storage, arm rests, and door inserts are also covered with the same kind of leather.

he switch gear has a soft-feel black treatment while the center console, door handles, air vents, and bezels get piano black finish to reflect the exterior of the vehicle. The bezels on the center console which has the ventilation and heating controls get rose gold accents.

The Evoque package also comes with luxury luggage. It is a 4-piece set adopted from the luxury luggage range of Victoria Beckham using the same color theme and hand stitching.

The Special Edition Victoria Beckham Evoque makes use of the all aluminum 240 horsepower 2.0L gasoline powerplant. The engine is coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Shifting is controlled using shift paddles. The vehicle is also equipped with a 360 degree camera system that offers a good view of the surroundings to help the driver in all driving conditions. The vehicle is also equipped with Adaptive Dynamics technology which ensures the smoothness of the ride.

We do not have the details yet with regard to the pricing of this Range Rover but we will keep you posted as soon as we hear about it.

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Car Review: 2012 Camaro by Chevrolet

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The Chevrolet Camaro has only been selling for a short time, but with the roll out of its 2 model years, the car was able to battle it out for the top sellers of the muscle car segment, star in blockbuster films in Hollywood, and got some upgrades along the way to improve its performance.

The 2012 Camaro has a new V6 3.6L powerplant that can produce 323 horsepower. This engine replaced the 2011 setup that made use of a 312 hp engine.

The Camaro SS still gives out 426 horsepower. Fans of V-8 engines will also be all smiles with the addition of the ZL1 to the lineup of the 2012 Camaro.

The ZL1 will be the top of the line offering of the Camaro which will have a 6.2L V8 LSA engine, the same powerhouse used for the CTS-V line of the Cadillac, which can output 580 horsepower and a torque of 556 pound feet. These figures might make other supercars put their tails in between their legs but this Chevrolet comes for a reasonable price at $54,995.

The range of Camaro is being offered with two choices of body styles. You can get it as a coupe or as a convertible. The ZL1 can also be ordered as a convertible.

The base model gives you great value for your money with its V8 paired with the 6-speed manual transmission. Getting it with the automatic transmission is also worth it as it proves to have a very smooth shifting and fast acceleration. Going from 0 to 60 miles per hour is achieved in just 4.5 seconds or even less.

One downside of the 2012 Camaro is its low roof line which makes it a bit difficult for taller drivers. The beltline is a bit high and might pose some problems for shorter drivers. The rearward visibility is also quite a challenge. The back seat of the Camaro only offers enough space for kids while the trunk is also very small.

The cabin though offers several features to keep you entertained like iPod connectivity, a head up display, USB, Bluetooth, and a navigation system.

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Profit of Hyundai up by 21%, gets boost from sales of SUV and sedan

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Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor reports a 21% jump of its 3rd quarter earnings primarily because of the strong performance of its Tucson SUV and the Sonata Sedan. The net income of Hyundai is pegged at 1.92 trillion won or US$1.7 billion for the three months ending September 30 compared to last year’s 1.59 trillion.

The Seoul-based carmaker is considered as the biggest manufacturer of vehicles in South Korea and has a projected profit of 1.89 trillion won according estimates by analysts. Hyundai will most likely sell around four million units this year as they increase production in plants located in their bigger markets like China. The carmaker might achieve record earnings for 2011 and might surpass profits made by Toyota Motor of Japan.

The earnings of Hyundai affirms the competitiveness of the brand in markets overseas. Forecasts say that Hyundai might fare better than other car manufacturers as the demand lowers next year.

From January of 2011, Hyundai has delivered about 3 million units and they are most likely to hit more than four millions sold units this year. The initial goal of the company was pegged at 3.9 million vehicles.

The demand in China is huge as the monthly sales of the Hyundai Sonata hit 10,000 units every month starting last September. The company also beefed up their operations in Russia after it started the production of the refreshed Rio of Korean affiliate Kia Motors.

The sales of Hyundai in China jumped by 12% which translates to 553,000 units for the first three quarters of the year. Sales in Korea rose by 7.3% or about 510,000 vehicles. Sales in the United States increased by 20% for the first three quarters while Europe sales also improved by 9.4%.

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Engineering analysis of 2010 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan models needed

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Complaints about the 2010 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan models have taken a serious turn as U.S. Safety Regulators upgraded its preliminary investigation. The initial issue about the models revolved around the models’ wheel stud fractures that might cause the tires to pop out.

The issue involves around 317,315 medium-sized sedans from Ford Motor Co. According to the reports from the website of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the investigation will not involve an engineering analysis.

According to the statement made by the U.S. Safety Regulators, the car company’s own investigation of the defect is still in process and therefore, the former widened its own probe to access the root of the problem and complaints.

Ford Motor Co.’s spokesman, Wes Sherwood, has said in a statement that the company gives it full cooperation to review the matter at hand. Moreover, he stressed that the company is not aware of any injury reports that might be related to the alleged wheel stud fractures.

According to the reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a total of 128 warranty claims and 29 wheel fracture-related complaints have been tallied. However, the NHTSA said that they know of about four incidents that involved separated wheels due to the said defect.

An engineering analysis is done to further study the cause of the problem. Should the NHTSA rule that the defects should be handled by the auto manufacturer; a recall might be in order. However, this is not always the case.

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Shelby American to revive rent a Mustang GT program

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Speed lovers has another reason to smile as Shelby American might just give you a chance to drive the beefed up Mustang GT as they plan to bring back their rent-a-racer program.

Reports say that the rental program might be revived as early as next spring just in time for their 50th year anniversary. The Mustang Gts will come in their traditional black and gold configuration and white and gold finish.

Under the hood of the 2012 Mustang GT is a 4.0L naturally aspirated V8 engine that gives out 412 horsepower paired with an automatic gear box. The car manufacturer collaborated with Hertz back in the 190s to build 1,000 units of the high performance Mustang.

After forty years the program returns, although there is limited availability, the GT-H remains to be very popular. The cars have actually been put to sale. Right now, what Shelby wants to find out is if there will be a good number of interested race fans for the 2012 program before they give it a go signal.

Hertz has always been collaborating with Shelby. If the rental pushes thru, Hertz will be offering the Mustang under their Adrenaline collection. Aside from the exciting body finish, Shelby will also boost the car’s power. Most likely we can hear about the details with regard to the car and program once Shelby American takes the next step closer to the implementation of the program.

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Lamborghini Gallardo: Can I use it as a day-to-day car?

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The Gallardo is the best selling version of the Lamborghini, mainly because it is the cheapest. There are lots of people who would love to own one. The problem is that they can’t really afford to have both a Gallardo and another car for everyday driving. That raises the question of whether or not you can use your Lamborghini Gallardo as a day to day car.

As to whether or not you can use the Lamborghini Gallardo as a day to day car is going to be up to you. In reality you can use any car as your day to day care if you really want to. The question is just how practical is it. For the Lamborghini Gallardo the answer is not particularly practical. The biggest problem that you are going to face is the lack of space in your car. There is virtually no trunk space and there in only one extra seat. If you always drive alone and don’t mind leaving your groceries in the passenger seat it might be an option.

The other big issue that you are going to face with using a Gallardo as your everyday car is that you will be limited in where you can drive it. Speed bumps are always going to be a problem in a car that is that low to the ground. It is also a fairly wide car so parkGallardo Spyder Lamboing may be an issue. Actually parking will likely be a very big issue since most people are not going to want to leave their very expensive Lamborghini parked on the side of the street.

Comfort is going to another hindrance to using your Gallardo as a day to day car. Like all top end sports cars it has a very stiff suspension. This is great for getting around corners at very high rates of speed. It isn’t so good for driving around town. The bumpy city streets are going to make driving the Gallardo very unpleasant. You will really feel every bump, this is something that you may be willing to put up with for a short time but after a while it will really start to bother you.

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